Renovation in Delwood

This project was a full bathroom reno 0 – 100 doing every single detail. Took out the old vanity, & cabinets, lighting and mirror, flooring, fixtures, plumbing, wall tile, and tub.

Next, our plumbing contractor prepped the area; installed the new tub, toilet location was moved by a nudge, vanity sink location was also moved a bit and done.

Our electrician contract came in next after, we got him to wire in an extra line for a heated floor and updated plugs, light switch, etc and now we’re ready to cover up all the walls again with aqua board as specifically requested by this client.

Installed the kerdi on the shower walls and ditra heat membrane on the floor; heated coil, and scratch coated the floor. The way this floor was to be laid is a border with a herringbone pattern inside. We created 4×12 tiles out of 12×24 tiles and ran a stone accross every single piece to make them as close to factory edge as possible. This type of install is not cheap, it being such a small area, it is even more complicated; hence the cost of this floor install is very high. Note on the picture the attention to detail on the pattern.

Next we started working on the shower. This client specifically wanted tile on the bathroom walls as well so we had to make sure cabinet and counter top was in, in order to continue from the shower walls out to the rest of the bathroom. Our cabinet makers did an excellent job building it with Maple. Got it stained and lacre. Counter tops also turned out amazing with an under-mount sink. The shower walls were 4×8 subway tile with a herringbone pattern marble inside the niche area that bleed from edge to edge of the shower walls.

All black trim throughout the bathroom including tile edge trim, cabinet handles, shower towel rack, shower rod, shower tub spout and shower head, vanity faucet, and door knob.

Once all got tiled, we grouted it all with Custom Prism grout and did all finishing touches. Painted the bathroom, mounted all fixtures, lighting, mirror, toilet, and installed the thermostat for heated floor. All cover plates went back on and ready to be used.

Before and after of the bathroom

Bathroom Reno in Beaumont

In this project. We were asked to do Schluter Ditra Heat both in the shower floor and the bathroom floor all in once circuit. We started with the Schluter Shower Kit by applying the waterproofing membrane (kerdi) on the walls and installing the shower pan + Curb. After that we then installed the Schluter Ditra Heat Membrane both on the bathroom floor and the shower floor. We then custom cut the curb to allow for the coil to come into the shower. As soon as we were done installing the coil, we applied a coat of mortar on top to cover the coil and also applied the kerdi membrane on the shower. Next day we started the installation of the Bolder Stone Panels and the tile respectively.












New Build in Strathcona

This newly build duplex is in Strathcona. The upper suite features a main bathroom with a mosaic tile floor, a mudroom floor of 12×24, and a kitchen backsplash of 3×15 subway tile. On the upper level of this house there is a laundry room floor with custom design pattern, a Jack and Jill bathroom that has 12×24 tile floor and tub surround of 3×6 subway tile. The ensuite bathroom has a natural stone tile of 6×20 size set in a herringbone pattern. The steam shower is 12×24 marble. All areas of install, other than the herringbone ensuite floor and custom design laundry floor are set in a 50/50 brick lay pattern.

The basement suite features a kitchen backsplash 3×6 subway tile, where the tub surround features a 4×16 subway tile, and the entrance to the suite and bathroom floor are a 12×24 tile. All are laid in a 50/50 brick lay pattern.

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Renovation in Hollick Kenyon

We recently did a complete bathroom renovation on a house in Hollick Kenyon. We began by tearing out the previous tub surround. This tile was quite stuck on the drywall and wouldn’t come off easily so we have to remove the drywall and install new. We also removed the tile on the bathroom floor. Before we could begin tiling we had to install new plumbing as the homeowners didn’t want a tub for the new bathroom. After they selected the fixtures they wanted we were able to properly install them to prepare for installation. To prepare the floor we laid down some sub-floor where the tub had previously been, and screwed it down as well as the sub-floor that was underneath the old bathroom floor to prevent future popping of tiles. Once we had completed this the tile setters laid down a DitraHeat Membrane so there could be heated floors. Once the tile setter checked that the thermostat was working in conjunction with the coil they were able to begin installation. We spread a layer of mortar overtop of the coil and the next day set the tile. Once the floor was dry and safe to walk on we laid a waterproofing Kerdi membrane over top of the drywall, niche, shower pan, curb, and bench. We then began laying the tile. The shower features a 4×16 subway tile in a vertical staggered pattern with a 4″ waterfall mosaic and a niche. The 12×24 tile floor is also laid in a staggered pattern. It may be noted that we were asked to do a toe kick on the cabinet to replace where the old tile had previously been. Among some of the other renovations we did this this project were:

  • removal of toilet and installation of new one
  • refinishing of bathroom cabinet
  • new quartz countertop
  • painting of walls
  • installation of baseboards once floor was complete


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