Heated Surfaces

Heated flooring adds a nice feature to your house, increasing value and comfort. We are able to install heated flooring in any area desired, including shower floors and benches. We guarantee a problem free experience with our heated flooring as we ensure that it is working in conjunction with the thermostat every step of the way to avoid problems when all the tile is laid. We like to give our clients a clear understanding of the process and if we ever feel unsure of something we contact our representative at Schluter to make certain we provide the best install possible.

To begin we check to see that all areas of the floor are properly leveled. If they are not we pour a layer of LevelQuik Cement in the desired areas. This product is excellent as it requires no spreading with a trowel, it spreads itself! Once that is complete we lay the Ditra Heat Membrane and coil the wire through the areas that are to be heated. Next, we spread a layer of Premium Plus Mortar over top of the coil and membrane. When the top layer of mortar has dried we are then able to begin install. Below you will find pictures of each step.


Another option for heated surfaces is having it put in the shower floor! We follow all of the same steps as stated above, but we just continue the coil over the curb and into the shower. Below is an example of one that we have done.