Variations of Design and Pattern

Some of our clients have asked us to add in different patterns and design into their tile work. It is a good way to add a feature to shower walls, backslashes, as well as large flooring areas. Some of the things capable of being done are different patterns such as herringbone or diamond lay, custom shower inserts, use of more than one tile in wall design, or adding unique inserts into different areas of install. Below are some examples of variations in design that we’ve been asked to do. 12507598_947063738714978_8087625768671179408_n(CUSTOM DESIGN BACKSPLASH FEATURE WITH HERRINGBONE PATTERN IN CENTRE)IMG_0009

(24X24 STRAIGHT LAY TILE WITH CUSTOM 9″ INSERT SURROUNDING 24X24 DIAMOND PATTERN)1920554_684120105009344_4549653049910381261_n(STRAIGHT LAY 12X12 TILE WITH 9″ BORDER SURROUNDING DIAMOND LAY 12X12)10711_785948984826455_4750967544498328217_n(DIFFERENT SIZED TILES TO CREATE UNIQUE DESIGN ON FLOOR)11899763_890948180993201_594604532708206327_n(PATTERN CONSISTING OF TWO DIFFERENT TILES)12360078_937388596349159_760948857255711517_n(SHOWER WALL FEATURE)12391049_937388696349149_6681785611937692059_n(12X24 BRICK LAY WITH MOSAIC FLOOR INSERT)13164442_1024641627623855_9119508475310277066_n(HERRINGBONE FLOOR PATTERN)