Shower/Tub Surrounds

One of the most common renovations we are asked to do are tub and shower surrounds – an instant way to update a house. Shower surrounds are typically done in a one row style or to the ceiling. They can be done with any kind of tile, however 12×12 or 13×13 is the most commonly used tile. Tub surrounds are done with any variety of tile and usually have a 3″-6″ mosaic insert as well. Another kind of install that we frequently do are in ensuite bathrooms. These usually consist of a stand up shower with a connected jacuzzi tub surround for a luxurious feel. Below are some examples and explanations of this kind of work.

13879419_1083365728418111_8997312961243728670_n(This is a shower surround to the ceiling using a 3×6 gray subway tile that connects into the vanity splash)

13934633_1083364158418268_8909509917039498267_n(Ensuite bathroom that has straight lay pattern for both the 3×6 and 13×13 tile. Jacuzzi tub deck, splash, and skirt, stand up shower, bathroom floor, and fireplace surround not shown)13939439_1081812725240078_7632316409124353326_n(Ensuite shower with 3×6 tile in herringbone pattern on wall and bench, mosaic floor. 13934745_1081810781906939_6496925555285431128_n(6×20 tub surround in brick lay pattern with ceiling tiled and 3″ horizontal mosaic insert)13900243_1081809101907107_6085746490883441279_n(12×24 tub surround in random pattern, extends out into wall feature)13934704_1081788618575822_5080083708328190690_n(12×24 ensuite shower with 70/30 staggered pattern. Features niche, triangular bench, and 12″ waterfall mosaic)13735735_1068026323285385_6869741659661918728_o(Ensuite shower surround in 70/30 staggered pattern continued onto floor with tile base.)13495306_1050452901709394_3105210565591595920_n(12×12 straight lay tub surround)13466182_1051077838313567_7117282873871445155_n(12×24 floor and wall feature with 4″ horizontal mosaic insert)13445396_1043084815779536_3178025088063078359_n(12×24 tub surround in stacked pattern with 24″ mosaic waterfall insert)13406770_1042255955862422_6062299934402037285_n(12×12 ensuite shower with 6″ 3×6 tile insert. Covers walls, shower curb, jacuzzi tub, deck, splash, and skirt, as well as bathroom floor)13151741_1024643104290374_7826661717490386544_n13230153_1024643084290376_110344823736256193_n(previous two photos show classic 3×6 tile in ensuite shower surround, bench, and ceiling,  extending into wall feature. Shower floor is marble mosaic tile.)13139132_1018359171585434_182218321878622389_n(12×12 shower surround to ceiling in straight lay pattern, with a 4″ mosaic insert on jacuzzi tub splash)13043447_1009361855818499_3584109572166278886_n(12×14 shower surround and ceiling in 70/30 staggered pattern)12495059_997709150317103_7099653446959954333_n(One row tub surround in 3×6 tile brick lay pattern)12802701_990247201063298_1504715738304625307_n(12×12 straight lay tile on jacuzzi tub deck, skirt, and splash. Extends into vanity which extends into shower surround (not shown.))12512382_987497228004962_3682421251848244147_n
(Tub surround in 12×24 70/30 staggered pattern with 6″ waterfall mosaic and niche)10534196_985907178163967_7389630892305185602_n(Shower surround with 12×24 stacked pattern with 12″ waterfall mosaic.)10341597_984074465013905_4774698593238548013_n(12×12 straight lay jacuzzi tub deck, skirt, splash, extending into fireplace surround)10245512_981833255238026_7059353432710074682_n(Ensuite bathroom with 12×24 tile in 70/30 staggered pattern surrounds walls, jacuzzi tub deck, skirt, and splash as well as bathroom floor. Shower surround and tub splash eature 3″ horizontal mosaic insert.)12814068_980794252008593_1882627816286555394_n(Bathroom shower surround with 12×24 tile in 70/30 staggered pattern. Features a 12″ waterfall mosaic insert as well as mosaic shower floor)10254036_974520275969324_936830001540513626_n(Tub surround with 12×24 horizontally stacked tile with niche and four 4″ waterfall mosaic inserts)12744560_974520389302646_6927659755673218711_n(Ensuite shower with vertically stacked tile featuring 12″ waterfall mosaic insert with mosaic shower floor)12718165_970931422994876_3151628496475583428_n(Shower surround with 12×24 brick lay pattern and 6″ horizontal mosaic insert)12360078_937388596349159_760948857255711517_n(Tub surround and ceiling with 12×24 tile in stacked pattern with three mosaic features.)1622206_947063595381659_5765564459039279754_n(Shower surround with 3×6 tile in brick lay pattern and 3″ horizontal mosaic insert.)11817124_872781259476560_3168829612809608724_n(Tub surround with 3×6 tile in brick lay pattern and 9″ mosaic insert that extends out into vanity splash.)11(Ensuite shower with 12×24 ile in random pattern with 12″ mosaic waterfall insert and mosaic shower floor.)