Tile Demolition and Prep

Often for jobs we are asked to remove previous flooring, appliances, and other various things before we are able to start a job. For an extra cost we provide these services and prepare the work area so we can begin. In each of these situations we are provided with new challenges but our team is able to overcome every obstacle that presents itself. Sometimes throughout the course of our work we run into other, unknown problems and inform the homeowner to see what they would like to do.

For this job we were initially asked to installed a new bathroom floor. However, upon removing the previous tile we found there was water damage around the shower base and the toilet. This in turn damaged the drywall that was touching those areas, so we were asked to remove the affected areas and install a new shower and shower base as well.


For this job we were asked to come in and remove tile from four different areas and prepare it for install. We taped off all working areas with poly to contain the dust and set to work. For preparation we used a jackhammer to lift the tile scrape the old mortar off of the underlay. Because it was such a large area we had to demo the tile for two full days! After ensuring that there was at least 1″ thick of underlay we were able to begin setting the tile.



This is a renovation job we did in Millwoods. The owner asked us to remove the linoleum in the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom floor area and prepare it for tile. We first looked to see if the linoleum was still securely attached to the floor before proceeding. When we found that it was not and we ripped it out to expose the plywood underneath. The underlay was 1″ thick so all we had to do was screw down the floor to prevent any squeaks or popping of future tiles. The bathroom was another task. The owner asked that we remove the tile on the tub surround as well as the tub and install a new one. With the help of a plumber we were able to ensure that the new tub was properly installed and finished our tile installation. We were also asked to remove and reinstall the toilet when the floor had finished being grouted. img_6522.jpgimg_6519.jpgimg_6514.jpgimg_6516.jpg

The job below is one of the more challenging jobs we’ve had. We were asked to do a complete bathroom renovation. We brought in a plumber to completely change the location of the toilet allowing for more room in the stand up shower. For this demolition we: removed toilet, framed out the stand up shower to ensure we had proper support for future tile, drywalled area, removed old vanity, removed mirror, and demoed the old floor tile. We were responsible for installing all tile, and installing new toilet, vanity, and mirror.  We also brought in our HVAC Specialist to install proper venting in the bathroom and asked the plumbers to move all plumbing to opposite wall for the new shower.


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Backsplashes are a seemingly easy demolition, however, like jobs shown below we can run into problems. For this job we were asked to remove the previous tile before installation. When we began, we found that the old tile was quite attached to the drywall underneath and soon discovered that we would have to rip out the drywall and install some new. This is the most typical problem that we have while demoing backsplashes, but with our teams expertise we are able to get the job done quickly and effectively with little delay. After communicating with the homeowners to let them know what happened we were able to inform them of the extra time needed to get it done!


When we had first come to the job below we were asked to install tile in the entry way. Upon arrival we discovered that the floor was not prepped enough for us to begin. We require 1″ of underlay underneath any tile so as to prevent tiles from popping in the future. We then cut some plywood of the necessary thickness and glued and screwed it down. Once that was complete we were able to begin laying tile.

12963667_1002811929806825_7812354339412627203_n(BEFORE)12932654_1002811943140157_8672345445446202207_n(FINISHED PREP)12321440_1002812069806811_657359300634467788_n(AFTER)

These are just a few examples of jobs we have done in the past. If a homeowner feels compelled to do the demolition and preparation before we arrive we advise them to contact us before our arrival to make sure that all the necessary work has been completed to safeguard against surprises and delays in work. One of our goals at The Tile Installation Specialists is to complete our jobs in the allotted time discussed with the client.