Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities often accompany the installation of shower and tub surrounds. They’re a cheap way to add a lovely feature to your bathroom and prevent water damage to the walls. They can be set in a number of ways; solely as a 6″ insert around the counter top, as an extension joining with the shower surround, or even becoming a full wall feature to add a bit more design. They are most commonly done with mosaic tile, however, they can be done using 12×12 tile cut in half, or most any tile you desire. Below are just some examples of bathroom vanity splashes we have done.

13879419_1083365728418111_8997312961243728670_n(VANITY EXTENDING INTO SHOWER SURROUND)

13729151_1068026299952054_656775084669848433_n(CUT PIECES OF 12X24 TO MATCH REST OF BATHROOM. PROTECT WALL FROM WATER DAMAGE)

13466436_1050451031709581_1962964410247711613_n(TYPICAL BATHROOM VANITY. 3X6 STRAIGHT LAY TILE)

11836918_880696478685038_3091706358906762638_n(MOSAIC TILE VANITY SPLASH)

10924149_766244173463603_5162924398892126191_o(CUSTOM PONY WALL WRAP AROUND VANITY SPLASH)

10309348_686097311478290_166083492279525572_n(VANITY SPLASH TURNED WALL FEATURE)

10624719_686098321478189_7961245669141246942_n(VANITY SPLASH TURNED WALL FEATURE)