Renovation in Terwillegar

This renovation job was different from our usual for a coupe of reasons. To begin, we were responsible for demolition of all tile. We were to remove all previous tile from three bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry area. To do so, we taped off all areas with poly plastic to contain the dust and then used a jackhammer to lift all tile and scrape the thinset off of the plywood underneath creating a smoother surface to continue on. Once the jack hammering was done we had to screw down the sub floor to ensure that it wss secured tightly and to remove the risk of tiles popping later on. Next, we were asked to install Schluter Ditra Membrane throughout the spaces using 253 Gold Laticrete Mortar. When the Ditra Membrane was laid we were finally able to begin installing the tile. The customers purchased a 12×24 tile and asked that it be set in a 70/30 staggered pattern. We installed this tile using Premium Plus Mortar and to finish we grouted using a high performance, stain resistant Prism Grout.

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