Renovation in St. Albert

This was a difficult job we did in St. Albert. To begin we had to rip out hardwood that was throughout the entire main floor of this house. For the net step, we laid Schluter Ditra throughout the entire area using 253 Gold Laticrete Mortar.  The 12×24 tile was laid in a 70/30 style using Premium Plus Mortar. Usually, for a job of this size we ask the client to find somewhere to stay for a couple days to give the mortar time to cure. However, with this particular job, our client was in a wheel chair. This challenged us to lay the tile in sections in such a way that the client still had access to the most important areas of the house. This proved to be quite the challenge, but in the end we were able to satisfy the needs of the customer and get the job done in a timely fashion. After the tile was laid it was grouted with a high performance, stain resistant Prism Grout.



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