Renovation in Ermineskin

This house of approximately 800 sqft of floor area features a patterned design using many different sizes of tile. The house also has tile base throughout, something that is helpful in trapping water should there ever be a leak. Instead of leaking through the spaces created by regular wood of MDF baseboard, it is stopped and can be easily cleaned without risk of damage to floor from underneath. This area of the floor is laid using VersaBond Thin-Set. In the ensuite, we have a large format tile, sized 24×24. To set this we use VersaBond LFT Mortar.We used Premium Plus Mortar to set both the Kerdi Membrane and the tile for the shower. The shower has a niche as well as mosaic floor. Finally, using a 6×6 tile and mosaic insert we completed the kitchen backsplash which was installed using ReliaBond Tile Adhesive. The entire house was grouted using a high performance, stain resistant Prism Grout.

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