New Build near Lewis Estates


This is a luxury home we did in the neighbourhood of Lewis Estates. The backsplash is a 3×6 straight lay, glass subway tile set with the ReliaBond Tile Adhesive. Roughly half of the main floor of this house was finished using tile floor. The owner requested that we used a glossy, black, 12×24 tile in a 70/30 pattern. In the bathroom we laid the Schluter Kerdi Membrane for waterproofing using the Premium Plus Mortar. As always, we used the Premium Plus Mortar to set the 12×24 tile in the stacked pattern. This shower surround was also extended out to become a wall feature and vanity splash. The mosaic on the shower floor was used to tie together the contrast between the light wall tile and dark floor tile. In this bathroom 253 Gold Laticrete Mortar was used to set the 12×24 floor tile in a stacked pattern. Another feature in this house was the fireplace surround. We used XXXX travertine tile in a 60/40 pattern set with ProLite Mortar. Two of the bathrooms in this house have a vanity splash surrounding the mirror using 3×6 black, glossy subway tile. These bathrooms also have tub surrounds using this same tile as an insert with a  4×24 tile for the rest. The tub surrounds were laid using VersaBond Thin-Set. The entire basement of this house was laid with 12×24 tile. For areas this large using 12×24 tile we typically use the self-leveling system to ensure there is no lippage in the tiles. All floor areas of this house that had 12×24 tiles were laid using 253 Gold Laticrete Mortar. Lastly, one of the bathrooms has a wall feature surrounding the mirror as a vanity splash. This was set using ReliaBond Tile Adhesive.The entire job was completed used a high performance, stain resistant Prism Grout.





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