Renovation in Sherwood Park

This is a renovation job in Sherwood Park. Typically when we arrive at a job we are able to start tiling right away. This job had a different set of requirements. Upon arrival we noticed that the floor was uneven around the island. When we happen across a floor such as this one, we begin by pouring LevelQuik RS Self-Leveling Underlayment. This concrete gives us the support we need and prevents any tiles from popping up in the future. After the concrete dried we were able to begin laying the Dirta-Heat Membrane. This entails covering all sections of the floor with the uncoupling membrane and then putting the heat coil in the desired area. Next, we tested the coil to ensure it was working properly to avoid any future problems. Once this is completed we top coat the membrane with a layer of Premium Plus Mortar. Now we can begin tiling! We began laying the 12×12 tile in a 50/50 brick lay pattern and set it with Premium Plus Mortar.  The tile used for the kitchen backsplash was a custom 3×6 subway tile. The tile was laid in a 50/50 brickl lay pattern and set using ReliaBond Tile Adhesive. All tile areas were then grouted using a high performance, stain resistant Prism Grout.

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