Renovation in Ozerna

For this renovation job we ran into a couple of problems. We were originally asked to remove the previous tile from the ensuite floor, but when we did so we discovered that there had been extensive water damage from a leak in the toilet under the tile¬†that the owners had not previously known about. When we investigated further we discovered that the water had pooled in such a way that it damaged the drywall around the shower surround as well. With the owners permission, we took out the stand up shower they had in place as well as the drywall, and began a new installation. After doing a small amount of framing, installing new drywall and putting in a new shower pan we were ready to begin tile installation. The clients asked for us to install the stand up shower surround, ensuite floor, jacuzzi splash, deck, and skirt, main bathroom floor and tub surround, and a small vanity splash in the same manner. We used a 12×24 tile in a 70/30 staggered pattern set with 253 Gold Laticrete Mortar.¬†they also asked for us to install tile base in the bathrooms to prevent against any future water damage. Tile base is useful in that it creates a barrier between the drywall and drywall, and disallows water from seeping through and creating any unknown damage! After all the tile was installed we grouted using a high performance, stain resistant Prism Grout.

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