Renovation in McConachie

The kitchen backsplash in this house is a 3×6 subway tile laid in a herringbone pattern and set using ReliaBond Tile Adhesive. The ensuite bathroom consists of a jacuzzi tub splash and vanity, done in a 3×6 subway tile in a straight lay pattern with the tub deck and skirt, bathroom floor being tiled in a 13×13 tile also in a straight lay pattern. The front and back entrances, as well as the main bathroom floor are laid in the same pattern as the ensuite. All areas other than the backsplash and bathroom vanity were laid using VersaBond Mortar. The 3×6 tile in this house was grouted using a specialty Mapei FlexColor Grout, and the 13×13 was grouted using a high performance, stain resistant Prism Grout.

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