Renovation in Jasper Place

This is a renovation job min the Jasper Place area of Edmonton. All areas of this floor were laid with 24×24 large format tile in a straight lay pattern and set with VersaBond LFT Mortar. To ensure that there was no lippage we used the self-leveling clips throughout the entire area.  Our tile setter was also left in charge of randomizing the placement of the darker brown tiles. To finish the job we used a high performance, stain resistant Prism Grout.

11057462_871754296245923_6285393968140879774_n  11141273_871754362912583_4937788183662141964_n 11204418_871754556245897_8970326413986535630_n 11264815_871754479579238_2424872678455155886_n 11403503_860259560728730_280459228477628995_n 11666308_860259580728728_5703305355582814907_n 11694075_871754982912521_7048603593236323070_n 11695979_871754409579245_8546435571777253395_n 11745725_871754696245883_2574265579575381660_n 11813331_871754629579223_7005555945529064315_n 10403182_860259597395393_2687851610476274224_n 11011999_871754862912533_7662629072715566992_n

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