Bathroom Renovation in Magrath Heights Edmonton

This Bathroom renovation was done due to a leak on shower from original construction of the shower. The leak originated from the bench form inside corners and it leaked to the back wall of the shower into our clients walk in closet.

Here are some before pictures of the shower and a video of the demolition stage of the bathroom shower.

Here is a time lapse video of the demolition stage

With all the demolition completed, our plumbers and electricians came in for rough in. This shower our client selected a Riobel Fixture with 2 outlets. A handheld with an adjustable anchored bar and a shower head dead centre of the back wall. Beautiful things about this Riobel fixture that our client loves is the preset temperature mixture valve which you can set one to the desired temperature and never really have to touch it again. Just turn on the water and temperature will always be the same.

Our client selected a lit niche for this shower with 2 ceiling pot-lights. American Lighting and Prizm Lighting have great solutions for this application.

Now we’re onto the boarding stage, waterproofing and tile. We use the Schluter Waterproofing systems for most of our showers. We also work with the Wedi Shower Systems, as well as Custom Building Products, Ardex, Laticrete, & Mapei if our client has a preference. Typically client look at us for making that decision and Schluter has always done good by us so we keep on using them.

With all the tiling done, and grouting complete. Our glass installation take place.

The big final step, all finishing touches. The lit niche requires a few extra steps to work well with the tiling. Electrician & plumbing final come through. Silicone our vertical and horizontal plane corners and she’s is good to go.

We want to take this moment to Thank Brett & family for choosing us & giving us the honour to do this job for them. It was a wonderful time for us to do the work for you guys. We would love to hear from you in the future for your future tiling needs.

Here is a small video clip of what the inside looks after all is done.

And lastly a before and after side by side picture of the job finished up.

The Great Grout Debate

Welcome to the Great Grout Debate. Where we are going to discuss which grout is better or if it is really about which one is better but for what applications specifically.

Lets begin with the grout sold at your favourite retail stores. Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc

Home Depot has your basic Custom Building Products Polyblend and then the more hardcore and expensive Custom Building Products Fusion Pro

Lowe’s has MAPEI Ultracolor Plus FA, Flexcolor CQ Premixed Grout, and MAPEI Keracolor U

The biggest thing so far is that they all carry your starting cement based grout and then the premixed grout which is either quartz particle or something else like it mixed in the grout for durability and colour consistency.

If you go to specialty shops like the ones we go to. There will also be available a Custom Grout Prism. Or the Ardex brand grout. Or the Laticrete brand grout. Or the Flextile Grout Brand.

For other subject please check our blog

Full Reno Conversion in Carter Crest

This job was a beautiful full Reno Conversion into a self standing tub. Below are the pictures prior to our arrival. Client chose to do some of the demolition work himself and had us finish up and prep everything for us to proceed. This bathroom went from a whirlpool jacuzzi tub on a deck/skirt to a free standing tub. The shower had a fibreglass base with tiled walls an the floors were linoleum material.

Full Reno Conversion Pictures Before:

Our plumber moved the lines from the previous position of the jacuzzi to the new self standing tub location. He also installed the new Moen rough in for the shower. Our HVAC moved the heat run from where it was located to the new position. Lastly our electrician used the previously used wire run for the jacuzzi whirlpool to power the heated floors. We removed all the linoleum, prepared the substrate, screwed down all surfaces. The first thing to do after this is to build down the shower floor for a barrier-less shower. Please take a look at the pictures below to appreciate the work in order to get that done.

We drywalled the walls. Installed kerdi waterproofing membrane. We then installed ditra heat membrane on the floor area. Installed the coil, tested it, and did a scratch coat on top.

From the shower floor area to the bathroom floor area we did an overlap of the Kerdi waterproofing to protect the heated floor system from any wet areas.

We laid tile on all walls around the Self Standing Tub only. There are times where we get asked to do wall tile on the whole bathroom like this. Plumbing finishing stage and electrical and we have ourselves a new bathroom for Ken and family.

Here or some picture of the Full Reno Conversion Completed:

Full Reno Conversion Complete 1
Full Reno Conversion Complete 2
Full Reno Conversion Complete 3
Full Reno Conversion Complete 4
Full Reno Conversion Complete 5
Full Reno Conversion Complete 6

A lot of the items purchased for this project were from

Renovation in Delwood

This project was a full bathroom Renovation 0 – 100 doing every single detail. Took out the old vanity, & cabinets, lighting and mirror, flooring, fixtures, plumbing, wall tile, and tub.

Before Pictures of the Renovation

Before and After Renovation
Before Renovation
Before Renovation 2
Before Renovation 3

Next, our plumbing contractor prepped the area; installed the new tub, toilet location was moved by a nudge, vanity sink location was also moved a bit and done.

Our electrician contract came in next after, we got him to wire in an extra line for a heated floor and updated plugs, light switch, etc and now we’re ready to cover up all the walls again with aqua board as specifically requested by this client.

Process of the Renovation Pictures

Renovation Process
Renovation Process 1
renovation process 2

Installed the kerdi on the shower walls and ditra heat membrane on the floor; heated coil, and scratch coated the floor. The way this floor was to be laid is a border with a herringbone pattern inside. We created 4×12 tiles out of 12×24 tiles and ran a stone accross every single piece to make them as close to factory edge as possible. This type of install is not cheap, it being such a small area, it is even more complicated; hence the cost of this floor install is very high. Note on the picture the attention to detail on the pattern.

renovation process 3
renovation process 4
renovation process 5
renovation process 6

Next we started working on the shower. This client specifically wanted tile on the bathroom walls as well so we had to make sure cabinet and counter top was in, in order to continue from the shower walls out to the rest of the bathroom. Our cabinet makers did an excellent job building it with Maple. Got it stained and lacre. Counter tops also turned out amazing with an under-mount sink. The shower walls were 4×8 subway tile with a herringbone pattern marble inside the niche area that bleed from edge to edge of the shower walls.

All black trim throughout the bathroom including tile edge trim (there. are plenty of options), cabinet handles, shower towel rack, shower rod, shower tub spout and shower head, vanity faucet, and door knob.

renovation process 7
renovation process 8

Renovation Complete

renovation finished 1

Once all got tiled, we grouted it all with Custom Prism grout and did all finishing touches. Painted the bathroom, mounted all fixtures, lighting, mirror, toilet, and installed the thermostat for heated floor. For all electrical work done at this project we used Silverstar Electrical Ltd. check them out. All cover plates went back on and ready to be used.

renovation finished 2
renovation finished 3
renovation finished 4
renovation finished 5
renovation finished 6
renovation finished 7