New House in Glenora

This is a new build in the neighbourhood of Glenora. We used a large format tile, sized 6×48, in the mud room, powder room, laundry room, and ensuite floors in a 70/30 staggered pattern. The tile was laid with Custom LFT Versabond Mortar. On the tile we also used self-leveling clips to ensure that there was no lippage. The 4×16 tile on the basement shower as well as the Jack and Jill Shower both have the 70/30 staggered pattern. In the ensuite we installed an elegant style 3×6 subway tile in a 50/50 brick lay pattern. The kitchen backsplash features 3×6 marble tile for which we used ReliaBond Ceramic Tile Adhesive. The basement bar and basement bathroom have the 12×24 tile in a 70/30 staggered pattern. In the main bathroom floor we installed a hexagonal mosaic tile. We used Gold Laticrete Thin Set to lay these tiles.

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