Tub Surround & Floor in Strathcona

For this job. We replaced an old tile tub surround with new boarding, waterproofing, and tile. For the floor, we demolished tile, replaced substrate underneath and installed anti fracture membrane before laying the new tile. The substrate underneath the old tile was rotted.

Shower Floor Repair

Some of our clients are people that just purchase their new home and started using their shower. Next thing you know tiles are popping, grout is cracking. Other times floors are bowing and flexing right underneath their feet. We’ve been getting more and more calls about this type of situation. Unfortunately some of these calls are for brand new showers and the contractor used isn’t answering phones calls for warranty, etc.

We try to come in and do the repairs while minimizing the amount of demo. We start with the shower floor, and the bottom of the walls in order to find the problem and the amount of damage created by the water on the substrate. With that information we’re able to decide how much deeper to go into it, whether we need to replace substrate & framing or just repair and waterproof and install new tile.

Most people think that a shower floor repair is a simple inexpensive repair where simply tiles need to be replaced. In truth water damaged tiles are indicative of water pooling in the substrate below the tiles. This issue is caused by an incorrect slope, incorrect placement of the drain, incorrect insulation of waterproofing system.

A crucial piece for these scenarios is that the client must have extra tile that was used for both the shower walls and the shower floor. Otherwise we will definitely see the change in color/pattern, etc. Some clients take the opportunity to do a new tile as if it was meant to be that way design-wise.

If you were to just decide all together to do a full on Reno please check our other article for that information here. We use a variety of products to do our shower systems. Some of them consist of Schluter and Wedi

Take a look at some of the jobs where we’ve had to do these types of things below:

Shower floor mosaic installed improper slope
Closer look at the result of faulty installation

Bathroom Reno with 4 O.A.K Construction

In this Bathroom Reno located in the Hollick Kenyon Area of Edmonton. We had to rebuild the client’s trust in contractors as the last one that left midway through did a number of things wrong. In collaboration with Dustin from 4 O.A.K. Construction we did just that. This is an ensuite bathroom with a wet area in which there is a self standing tub and a number of fixtures for the shower including jets, rainfall shower head, handheld and steam shower outlets.

We started by cleaning up the mess from the previous contractors. We removed the cabinets, demolished all the tile already laid, and ditra membrane. Removed the drain kit as well. We had a professional plumber, Marvin, from Beyer Plumbing check that all the rough in was properly installed.This is how the previous failure contractor left it:

After demo, we dropped the floor level of the shower so we could have a barrier less shower entry. Please see photo below

We’ve now waterproofed the entire Wet Area. There is going to be a self standing tub and a full shower with a bench, and many outlets including a steam shower. We build the bathroom floor up with wonder board so we could increase the starting height of the shower slope.

Next we tiled the bathroom floor and shower floor and back wall

One thing after another and the bathroom is now complete.

Here we show some before and after pictures hand in hand

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Basement Bathroom Reno in Holyrood

In this project the client was doing a Basement Bathroom. Growing families need an extra bathroom in the basement 100%. Our client had a lot of the knowledge needed for the entire project but he was very busy with his Brewery. We actually had the honour of getting a few of their beers to taste at home with our loved ones.

When we came in the plumbing and concrete were already done. We did small amount of levelling with CustomTech TechLevel 150. That takes about 4 hours to cure so we had left this for the end of day and went home.

Following day we got down to business. Opened up the back wall where the niche is going to be located and place all the support necessary, etc. Installed a 38×60 Schluter Shower Kit and tied it all together with the niche and ready to tile.

They had us do the shower base and back of the niche with a mosaic tile. The rest of the shower and bathroom area with 12×24 but with 2 different shades of the same series of tile. All the tile was great to work with and it was supplied by our good friends from TierraSol.

The bathroom floor area got tile on all walls up about 43″ high. All grouted with our number one pick grout Custom Prism. Final stage was the custom glass which took the bathroom from a 10/10 to a 15/10 😉 Here are other examples of what floor tile could be used for bathrooms like this

Before and after Pictures of Basement Bathroom:

Basement Bathroom Complete
Basement Bathroom Complete

Thanks you to the Oswald Family for this wonderful opportunity and for more Shower Installations check out this other cool project